Welcome to Guildford Automatics

We’re suppliers of top quality machines from top quality suppliers. Whether you’re a free trade pub or a national pub company (managed & tenanted), our machines your customers playing.


Fruit Machines

Guildford Automatics supply a full range of Fruit Machines, from reel based  to more digitized machines, which include roulette and poker machines. The jackpot on these machines are in the range of £100-400 and have the capability to have payouts either as cash or tickets.

Pool Tables

The pool tables we supply range from standard league tables found in most public houses to professional looking traditional tables both with a variety of different colors . These tables can be coin operated and set to the desired price per game the premises require. The size of the tables we offer, are both 7 foot and 6 foot.


Quiz Machines

Quiz machines are a great family favorite, attracting players from all backgrounds due to the wide variety of quiz’s and games. Players put their skills and knowledge to the test (sometimes against the clock) to try receive one of the cash prizes available!


We offer both traditional and the more modern digital machines, which can be wall-mounted or free standing depending on your preferences. Some features of the machines include options for happy hour facilities, an A-Z search and also have a full variable price of plays option



The CCTV we offer covers both day and night protection. With a 19″ flat screen, mobile viewing is possible to manage the 4,8 or even 16 cameras. Sony CCD chips are used to ensure a high quality image.